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Hystar is always looking for land to develop, from individually sized plots for spectacular one-off homes or larger sites ideal for a small development of townhouses or a block of apartments. We will consider opportunities of all sizes in the Home Counties.  Hystar would love to hear from you if you own, control or even know of land that would be of interest.  


Hystar has undertaken many joint ventures with landowners and through the benefits of aligned interests and shared risk, these developers have been rewarding to all involved. Hystar would happily discuss and explore the potential of the project.   


To find out more, click below to arrange a meeting.

Mr Jones

“Having sold my business in 2018 to spend more time at home I was looking for a way to invest money locally and safely and having known the Hyde family for many years I approached them with a view to becoming a passive investor on projects.


Having now invested in 2 projects with them I would fully endorse the success of these investments, from the start the outcomes and returns were clear and with regular updates I always felt comfortable that we would complete as planned.


Despite investing before and through Covid-19 the projects were completed on time and agreed investment returns were achieved, no fuss or changes and a template that worked for all parties and we can work to again in the future.”

To find out more about investment opportunities with us, please get in touch.

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