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Our Heritage

Hystar was founded back in 1977 by Stephen Hyde, from where the company gets its name. When starting the company Stephen played around with the letters in his name 'Stephen Arthur Hyde, eventually coming up with 'HYSTAR' Stephen initially started his career as a Structural Engineer and moved on to property development before retiring leaving his two sons, Timothy and Andrew to take over the Hystar group.

Hystar has been proud to have had both Her Majesty the Queen open a hydrotherapy pool at the Royal Berkshire & Battle Hospital and her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Wessex, open two flat developments that rehoused people into the community. 



Tim gained his construction qualifications and joined the family business in 1994. For the first few years he gained invaluable experience whilst working on-site at numerous Hystar developments. Tim then transitioned to the office and took on the role of Managing Director from Stephen.


Tim has for over 20 years been building long-standing relationships with the land and estate agents, planners, architects, engineers and other professional bodies and has the experience and knowledge to guide clients through the process of any construction project. 


Tim lives in Reigate with his young family.  

About Andrew

Andy also gained his construction qualification and joined the family business in 1994. Andy is a Director of Hystar and his area of specialism is construction management for all projects. He liaises with clients and subcontractors to ensure that the project is delivered on time and exceeds expectations.


Andy lives in Reigate with his family. 



Hystar is proud to be a part of the Reigate community and demonstrates this by supporting local initiatives. Hystar supports Christmas's magic by contributing to the Christmas Lights for Reigate’s High Street and other local business. But of special note, is Tim takes great pleasure in providing and flying the helicopter that brings Santa to Priory Park every year for the children to enjoy at Christmas. 


Hystar sponsors the Reigate Rugby Club ensuring that they give back to the community what they received whilst growing up in this area.


Every other year Hystar holds a fund raising event for the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex which is a charity organisation. Tim and Andy whole heartedly support this service as it’s mission is to end  preventable loss of life from medical emergency.

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